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Raw materials details :


# Material Source
1  Cement Type I & V  From Saudi Cement Co.
2  Aggregate  From Suman - Riyadh Road
3  Sand  From Half-moon Bay / Jubail Area
4  Sweet Water  From Royal Commission


At the moment Al-Iman Jubail pipe factory operates the following machines:


1: Zublin Pipe Machine : Which is used for the Production of Reinforced Concrete Pipes
# Diameter Length of Pipe Production capacity per day under 8 hours production
1  300 MM  3 Meters 160 PCS
2  400 MM  3 Meters 120 PCS
3  500 MM  3 Meters  96 PCS
4  600 MM  3 Meters  80 PCS
5  700 MM  3 Meters  69 PCS 
6  800 MM  3 Meters  60 PCS
7  900 MM  3 Meters  53 PCS
8  1000 MM  3 Meters  48 PCS
9  1200 MM  3 Meters  40 PCS
10  1400 MM  3 Meters  34 PCS
11  1500 MM  3 Meters  32 PCS




2: Pedershaab Pipe Machine
# Diameter Length of Pipe Production capacity per day under 8 hours production
1  1600 MM  2.5 Meters  8 PCS
2  2000 MM  2.5 Meters  6 PCS
3  2500 MM  2.5 Meters  6 PCS
4  3000 MM  5 Meters  5 PCS



All the reinforced concrete pipes are fabricated meeting the following specification:



# Product / Test ASTM BS
1  Reinforced Concrete Pipes  C-76  5911 Part 100
2  Steel Reinforcement  C-76, A615/615m  - -
3  Cylinder Strength  C-76, C-497, C-39  - -
4  Aggregates  C-33, C-142-1990  812


 External Load Crushing Strength Test  C-76, C-497  5911 Part 100
6  Hydrostatic Test  C-14, C-76  5911 Part 100
7  Rubber "O" Rings  C-443  5911 Part 100 - 2494



Our Materials Testing Laboratories:


 Al-Hoty Stanger
 Fugro Suhaimi Ltd.
 Osaimi Testing Laboratories.



PVC Lined Pipes

Caging Pipes Process